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Who We Are

strengthen  //  educate  //  encourage


We are Barnabas Farmworks.

As a part of Barnabas Family Ministries, our mission is to strengthen, educate, and encourage families.

Our approach is through food. We view the entire journey of food, from the moment a seed is dropped into the soil to the meal that it provides, as a powerful opportunity to grow family, relationships, and community. Motivating this unconventional approach is our faith. We are constantly amazed and inspired by the ways that Christ used food to invite and facilitate community and we strive in everything we do to practically live by that example.


How do we grow food that strengthens our bodies, but also the ground it came from? How do the decisions we make surrounding food grow our families, relationships, and communities? How do we steward the resources we've been given, creating products while minimizing waste? We are always asking these questions about sustainability, not because it is today's buzzword, but because we feel called to care for this fine Earth.


Nothing gets us more excited than learning how to grow great food and create quality products, except maybe sharing that information. We love finding ways to pass on what we are learning, whether it's a casual conversation with a curious passerby while pausing for a drink, an afternoon spent kneeling in the dirt next to a child, or hands-on teaching in our growing internship program.


At the core of who we are is a deeply rooted desire and calling to encourage. So central to who we are, it's in our name. Whether we're sharing the wonder of a honeybee with a child or exploring creative and innovative approaches to resource management with our interns, we seek to encourage and inspire a generation that cares deeply for the incredible gift of food and the land that it comes from.

kim Sanz

farm director

One of the most fun-loving, caring, and down-to-earth people you'll ever meet, Kim is the gal who makes this place run. A true student of the game, she is always researching and trying out new things. Once she inadvertently grew the "Russian Roulette" of fiery hot peppers in the greenhouse. She may have forgotten to mention this fact to some of her unsuspecting friends.

christoph sanz


Poet, bread-maker, and budding charcutier, Christoph brings his love of all things culinary and literary to our farm team this season. Passionate and sincere, with a refreshing side of silliness, when he isn't leading tours of the farm or regaling us with fun facts about everything from bahn mi to idioms, we can usually catch Christoph training chickens to perch on his head.


Vanessa Dow + Alpha Anderson


This dynamic duo keep taking all the wild veggies we throw at them and turning them around into the most amazing dishes for our guests. They run an all-sass, no-idea-is-too-crazy kind of kitchen, so obviously it's where we all end up hanging out. And their boundless creativity is fueled by a deep-seated care that we swear you can taste in every batch of bacon jam.


Summer Farm Staff

Every spring and summer our little work family doubles as a few young adults join us to save us all from our yearly over-ambition. We couldn't do it without them and wouldn't want to either. You can meet all the farm staff, present and past, here.

Interested in joining us for a season? We'd love to hear from you. You can find out more here