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Meet the Interns

2016 interns

These girls. Seriously, the greatest. We could go on forever. We did go on forever.


Lover of all things laughter-inducing, Kayla's infectious giggle and easy-going, fun-loving spirit are matched only by her depth and sincere heart for whichever community she finds herself in. When she's not climbing to the top of a cherry tree in 3 seconds flat, Kayla-the-chicken-whisperer can be found playing tag with all 74 egg-laying Beckies (Kayla wins every time.)


Dietician-to-be, Bethany has a passion for all things health and nutrition-related. Don't let the photo fool you. While she is one of the sweetest and most gentle people we have ever met, Beth has mastered the stern and unimpressed parent face and pulls it out every time our escape-artist chickens fly the coop and need a scolding.

Winter 2016 Intern

Sam Becker-Miyadai

When Sam got in touch and asked us if we ever did Winter internships, we thought he might be crazy (helloooo rain and mud!) When he told us he was a marketing samurai we realized he was probably alright. Then we met him and oooh wow. He's a little more than alright. His earnest and passionate approach to sustainable agriculture, partnered with a deep and genuine faith and love of community and creation is a dynamite combination that can't be beat. While we have to give him back to Biola pretty soon so he can finish his Marketing degree, we sincerely hope that Sam's time with us isn't up yet.

2015 Interns

Oh boy, how we love these two. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts for journeying with us through our first farm internship. Their contagious attitudes and willingness to seize new opportunities set the bar pretty high for future interns. We're okay with that. We can't stop saying nice things about them. 

Brandi Carter

The perfect blend of sweet and spunky, Brandi was our second nursing student-turned farmer. She transplants seedlings faster than you can say mexican sour gherkin, can turn just about anything into a Pinterest-worthy sign, and can identify weeds by taste alone.

Jon Piechnik

Idea-machine and insect aficionado, Jon made up the second half of our internship duo. When he wasn't crafting dad-level puns or evicting slugs, we could usually find Jon dreaming up business plans and pitching partnership opportunities to the bees.