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Dream Team // Meet the Interns!


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Dream Team // Meet the Interns!

Kim Wilkinson

Where to even begin? This team has been stealing our hearts these past six weeks. A blessing and a joy to all those around them, they seek out every opportunity to learn, serve, and build community. We couldn't have asked for a more dynamic and delightful crew, and we are so excited for you to meet them in person! 


We’re beyond excited to have Christoph Sanz, a self-declared long-time sideline cheerleader of the farm and internship program joining us on the team this year! With a widely varied set of skills and interests ranging from poetry to bread-making, music to charcuterie, theology to coffee, and nearly everything in between, with Christoph on the team we’re always a short “hey, do you think we could make…?” away from another potentially crazy idea or experiment (our very favourite kind.) Passionate, caring, and deeply intentional, Christoph’s gentle pastoral heart and sincere listening ear have endeared him to everyone on the team. Quietly diligent and hardworking, Christoph is always seeking out opportunities to serve, both on the farm and elsewhere in the ministry.

Vancouver-native and Trinity Western University alumnus, Christoph has just returned to the West Coast after three years serving with Global Shore Opportunities, an Ontario-based non-profit that had him splitting his time between leading missions work in Guatemala and a discipleship program on an asparagus farm in Ontario. When he isn’t regaling us with all manner of facts (like the history of Bahn Mi, the origins of idioms…), teaching us the ins and outs of asparagus growing, or training chickens to perch on his head, Christoph spends his spare time editing and contributing to his side-project, the Driftwood poetry journal.

After many years of joking about it, we’re so excited to finally have Christoph on the team. We can’t wait to see all of the ways he unleashes his creative juices on the farm!


Recent grad and resident brain-expert, Jackie Hart-Smith is joining us on the farm this year after several summers serving on program staff. Eager, willing, and endlessly curious, we’re just as likely to find Jackie tying rebar and learning the ins and outs of concrete as we are to find her transplanting up a storm of tomatoes or reciting all of the different kinds of kale growing in the garden. Her bright personality and thirst for understanding keep us on our toes (in our very favourite kind of way) always seeking to grasp the reasons behind decisions and looking for better ways raise the perfect tomato. With Jackie around, we’re never far away from an intriguing discussion around neural plasticity, personality psychology, or musings on the inner workings of a chicken brain.

Jackie just walked the stage at UBC, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience. While at UBC, she put her leadership skills and passions to use as president of UCM, the campus ministry club. Always one to push herself (as if graduating and student leadership weren’t enough for her plate,) Jackie has also been helping out with her friends’ social entrepreneurship initiative this past year, the Seven Day Ring Project.

Jackie brings with her many years of experience at Barnabas on program staff and Rowing Club, and we’re thrilled to have her inquisitive and joyful passion with us on the farm team this summer!


We couldn’t be more excited to have Tara-Lynn Lundeen joining us this year on the farm team! Fun-loving and playful, with a side of (mostly) innocent mischief, with Tara-Lynn around we’re in for a summer of crazy ideas and wild adventures. Tara-Lynn’s rich and varied background of experience, both at Barnabas and beyond, contribute a well-rounded dynamic to the team as a whole. Always on the lookout for ways to help those around her and go the extra mile, we’re never surprised to find Tara-Lynn quietly tidying up behind others, jumping in to help out with projects from insulation installation to concrete pours, and volunteering wherever someone needs a hand. With a sensitive and gentle nature, Tara-Lynn seeks out those who need a listening ear. She draws those around her into community, always ensuring that everyone is included.

Tara-Lynn spent 15 years as a registered nurse in a variety of roles before leaving the field to raise her daughter, Elsie (our newest mini-farmer!) Tara-Lynn and her husband, Colin, live in Vancouver where he is completing his Urology residency at Vancouver General Hospital. Always looking for continued opportunities for learning, Tara-Lynn just completed the Living From the Heart course offered by Soulstream.

Her time spent on waterfront in summers past and her love of the water go hand-in-hand. Always the first to suggest a post-work jump in the ocean, Tara-Lynn’s adventurous spirit is sure to keep us meeting our daily “fun-quota” all summer long!


Stephanie Yeker is joining us this summer as our resident mini-farmer wrangler. Stephanie will be hanging out with Elsie (and occasionally Kai) this summer, playing games, helping them with farm chores, and keeping them from getting into tooooo much trouble… We can always count on Stephanie’s joyful smile to brighten a room and her sincere and gentle heart to put everyone around her at ease. Always willing to offer her gifts, Stephanie shares her incredible musical talents with us regularly, whether it’s leading worship sessions from her guitar or quietly playing in the background. Hard-working and flexible, Stephanie slides seamlessly between roles, leading Elsie and Kai one moment and building garden beds the next.

Originally from Northern BC, Stephanie recently returned from Three Hills, Alberta where she completed an outdoor education program with Prairie College. Prior to that, she also received her degree in Education, with plans to begin teaching this Fall. Unassuming and full of surprises, we’re getting used to discovering daily more of Stephanie’s skills and accomplishments, whether it’s watercolour painting or holding the Guinness World Record for longest non-stop futsal (indoor soccer) game- 43 hours of continuous play!

Already in this short time since joining us, Stephanie has won our hearts. We are so, so glad to have her on our team and in our community!