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Girls These Days // Interntros


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Girls These Days // Interntros

Kim Wilkinson

We've said it before, but really guys. We couldn't have asked for a better team of interns. These girls. They are quite something. Bubbling over with passion, ideas, and joy, Kayla and Bethany have brought us to a whole new level. But don't take our word for it. Come meet them for yourselves!


Where do we start? We have adored Kayla for years in all of the various roles that she has served in here, but now more than ever. Boy, are we glad she made her way to the farm.

Gentle, loving, and overflowing with depth and wisdom, Kayla is one of the most sincere and intentional people we know. Her love for Christ and for community is evident in everything that she does. Always on the lookout for new ways to grow the farm experience, Kayla has been working this Spring and Summer to bring life and adventure into all of our kids’ farm programs.

We’re pretty convinced that Kayla has some monkey blood running through her veins, as we had barely finished saying “the cherries are rea-“ before she had scrambled to the top of the tree and was raining cherries down upon us.

Always up for a good dance party, Kayla’s signature move may or may not include Becky the chicken…


Health and nutrition fan and future dietician, Bethany is brand new to our team (you wouldn’t know it watching her though- she’s fit right in to our crew and picked up the ins and outs of island living faster than you can say “the ferry’s late again.”) Avid adventurer and go-getter, Beth is always up for a hike and an opportunity to explore more of the island.

Hard-working and determined, armed only with a shovel Bethany leaves a trail of raised beds and perfectly-dug pathways in her wake wherever she goes. Bethany’s gentle nature and kind heart shine in everything she does, whether she’s leading a group of kids through the garden or talking about her next great idea.

Quiet and unassuming, Bethany’s unexpected wit comes at the most opportune of moments, catching us off guard and leaving us cracking up. Whether she’s scolding the escapee chickens, or giving the sheep a talking-to for letting them out (again), Beth’s quick humour always keeps us laughing.