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Better Late Than Never  //  Interntros


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Better Late Than Never // Interntros

Kim Wilkinson

These two. Dang, friends. We could not have asked for two better interns. We’ve been a little slow, but at long last, here’s the introduction. We’ll try to do them justice, but we strongly suggest that you wander down and meet them for yourselves. They’re just the greatest.


Oh man. This girl. We love her. We fell in love with her the moment we met her, and since then she’s given us more reasons every day to think she’s just wonderful. We are beyond thrilled to have her on our team this year. Brandi brings with her a wealth of camp experience and a passion and heart for camp ministry.

Brandi’s spunk, enthusiasm, and sincere and caring heart endear her to everyone she meets (just ask Phil. If he tries to headhunt her to his department one more time, we’re cutting off his tomato supply.) Her quick sense of humour keeps us on our toes and forever giggling, and her genuine and sincere love for those around her challenges us to invest more in community and relationships every day.

Brandi comes to us from Kalama, Washington, but grew up in North Pole, Alaska (for real. We wouldn’t make this stuff up.) When she isn’t elbow-deep in the dirt transplanting up a storm or talking back to the sheep and telling them to mind their manners, Brandi is studying to be a nurse at Trinity Western University. She’s big into tennis, volleyball, and hikes with friends (a go-getter, she’s already conquered one Sunshine Coast mountain.)

We love how naturally she has embraced and shared our love for food and community and can’t wait to unleash her on our summer program development. Expect great things.



Mr. Ideas (but if we catch him playing with any more bugs, we’re going to start calling him Mr. Insects), Jon is always looking for ways to improve and grow whatever he is working on. Whether it’s a beehive, an irrigation system, or a new crop to try in the orchard, we can always count on Jon to suggest new ideas, methods, and approaches. Jon’s inquisitive and curious nature have lead him down many paths, but for now we’re glad that it has led him to this place and that we’re being peppered with questions like “how do you harvest bee propolis?” and “why the heck do you not have a crabapple tree?”

Deep and thoughtful, we often catch Jon pondering the mysteries of the universe while stringing a trellis, maneuvering the rototiller, or eradicating the ever-invading blackberry bushes. He’s quick to crack puns that make us groan (don’t tell him that we actually love them. Most of the time) and pulls off a mean pirate game-show host (don’t ask.)

Jon hails from Surrey, BC. Before we turned him into a professional trench-digger (be jealous of our raised squash beds,) Jon worked in a number of different fields from acting to pizza delivery. Now we have him working in an entirely different kind of field (that there? That was payback for all of his terrible puns.) While we’re sure that whatever Jon puts his entrepreneurial mind to will be a success, we’re trying to convince him that this whole food, faith, and farming thing is where it’s at.

Also, he wanted to be an entomologist when he was a kid. So yeah, that. Expect praying mantises.